My name is Chris Newell (AKA Bourbinsane), and I started my adventure into the wonderful world of whisk(e)y back in 2015. I currently live in Michigan with my wife Rachel, and my two young sons.

My first passion is and always will be bourbon, but over the years I have slowly started to branch out into the realm of Scotch, Irish, Canadian, and Indian whiskeys; the list goes on and on! Like many of you, I started as just a whiskey enthusiast who loved to try every different expression I could get my hands on. Early in my whiskey journey, I would buy as many varieties of bottles as I could find, because I loved discovering the differences in color, aroma, taste, finish, and consistency among the various expressions. After much time (and practice), I discovered that I had a knack for identifying nosing and tasting notes in the whiskeys I was trying. I found myself analyzing and picking apart everything I was drinking, both alone, and with my whiskey friends. From 2017 to 2019, I found myself constantly reading blogs and browsing YouTube, for the latest reviews and recommendations about which whiskey I should purchase next. In December of 2018, I decided to start a whiskey review and informational YouTube channel of my own!

My entire goal of Bourbinsane is to share my love and passion for whiskey with fellow, like-minded enthusiasts! I am by no means an expert, and I will never claim to be. I just love talking, sipping, and sharing whiskey with others! I publish weekly whiskey reviews and head-to-head tastings via my YouTube channel. I also broadcast regular live events through YouTube Live – usually airing on Wednesday nights. Whether you are just starting your whiskey journey, or you are a seasoned whiskey connoisseur, I hope you will join me on this incredible adventure!

Cheers and Stay Insane!

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