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New Experimental Wheat Bourbon Coming Soon from Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace Distillery has been experimenting with their whiskey recipes and barrel treatments for over two decades. These small batch experiments first started back in 2006, and currently Buffalo Trace has a rumored 22,000 plus experimental barrels aging in their rickhouses. According to Buffalo Trace, each experiment they are testing…

New Single Barrel Select Coming out of Buffalo Trace Distillery?

*Potential Single Barrel Label* A brand new image surfaced on social media today, and it sparked immense hype for a potential, new single barrel Buffalo Trace, which may be offered to stores and restaurants in the near future. Sazerac Rye, AKA "Baby Saz," is the younger and lower proof brother…

New Bourbon Releases Coming in 2020

Over the course of 2019, there were a whole bunch of new releases and core lineup additions coming out of multiple distilleries. We saw some new and delicious selections pop up, including Four Roses Small Batch Select and Old Forester Rye. There were also a couple bourbons I was very…

New Riff Backsetter Peated Backset Bourbon & Rye Whiskeys

Breaking news out of New Riff Distillery. They have just announced two new releases, Backetter Bourbon and Rye Whiskey!  Both expressions will be bottled-in-bond and non-chill filtered. According to New Riff, “This is an ongoing exploration of the deep truths and deeper mysteries of the Sour Mash method.  Just like…

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