Challenge Coin/Whiskey Hat

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Round 2: The Five Finger Pour Challenge Coin/Whisky Hat. Limited Edition of 100 coins.

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This is Round #2 of the 2-inch Ceramic Challenge Coins! These whiskey hats are labeled with “Round 2” to signify this is the second batch of coins in the series. These limited edition coins are also serial numbered from 1-100. When this batch is gone, the next run will be labeled “Round 3.”  The design is altered in each Round (run) of coins, so no two rounds are the same. As you can see, the coin also works as a Glencairn topper to allow the aromas in your glass to concentrate, elevating the nose of your whiskey. It is a perfect companion to your very own Bourbinsane Glencairn glass!

If you have a preference of number on the coin, please include your selection from the available numbers remaining. 

Dimensions: 49mm, 6mm profile approx. (1.93″ x 0.24″ inches)

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