Baker’s 7 Year Single Barrel Bourbon Review
Baker’s 7 Year Single Barrel Bourbon Review

Baker’s 7 Year Single Barrel Bourbon Review

Named after Baker Beam, grandnephew of Jim Beam himself, Baker’s 7 Year Bourbon seems to always be the forgotten offering in the Jim Beam Bourbon Collection. Baker’s was formerly a part of the Small Batch Bourbon collection, which also included Basil Hayden’s, Knob Creek, and Booker’s Bourbon. Baker’s bourbon has since dropped the small batch labeling and is now a single barrel offering only. Although this whiskey carries a seven year age statement, individual bottles will vary in age. My bottle for example comes in at 8 year, 6 months old. Bottled at 107 proof, this bourbon has all the specs to be a fantastic expression. Can it surpass some of the higher end offerings out of Jim Beam like Booker’s and Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve

Class: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 

Distillery: Jim Beam  

Age: 7 year old single barrel (This bottle 8 years, 6 months)

Mashbill: 77% Corn, 13% Rye, 10% Malted Barley

Proof: 107

MSRP: $59.99 (2020)

The Review:


After 10 minutes in a Glencarin, I go in for the nose. A huge punch of cinnamon is the first thing to hit the nostrils. An unmistakable Jim Beam nuttiness, almost like a dry roasted peanut, takes over next. Very slight dusted oak and a mingle of baking spices fill the nose. There is no one note that sticks out more than another. The proof shows through at about the 100 to 110 range holding true to how it is bottled. A slight ethanol burn is present, giving me that off-putting medicinal alcohol note I do not enjoy. It is not a bad nose, but nothing too special is jumping out either.


The front of the palate reminds me of an amplified Jim Beam Repeal Batch. There is not much burn, but a lot of that Jim Beam nuttiness shows up. There is a slight rye spice, and that predominant cinnamon note hits the center of the palate giving a little bit of bite/burn. As the bourbon works its way to the second half of the tongue, that dusted oak and nuttiness settles in again. There are no fruit notes to be found in this single barrel at all for me, all peanuts, oak and baking spices. After about 60 seconds post sip, I’m getting a very interesting musty oak note.  I cannot decide whether I like it or not. It’s kind of that funky oak I get in the Knob Creek 9 Year Cask Strength Rye bottle.

Overall, I actually really enjoy the flavor much more than I did during the first third of the bottle. This has definitely improved with a little time to open up.


The mouth coating is very average. At 107 proof, I was hoping for more of a mouthfeel and finish. The back of the palate leaves a slight rye tingle, but it dissipates rather quickly. Virtually no bourbon sticks to the sides of the mouth. Honestly, the most lingering area is the center palate which is rather uncommon for me. Between this, Booker’s, and Knob Creek Single Barrel, there is no competition as far as mouth coating and finish are concerned. Baker’s falls short for me.

Overall Impression:

Baker’s 7 Year Bourbon is a very average offering, out of Jim Beam distillery. The biggest issue for me is the price point and it’s competition at that price. This is probably one of my least favorite $60 bottles of what’s available on the market. Without hesitation, I would take a Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve store pick, or just the 9-year off the shelf at $15-$20 cheaper, as well as any of the other great expressions from various distilleries (ie. Stagg Jr, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Old Forester 1920, etc). I was really hoping for more from a bottle with these types of specs. Being 107 proof, aged 8 1/2 years, and from a great Jim Beam distillery, this fell short for me. Once again, these are single barrel offerings so bottles may vary. If you can find this cheaper than I can in Michigan, it may be worth a pickup, but I will not be dropping $60 to get another bottle.

Maximum Price I Would Pay: $50

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This bottle was purchased by me at my own expense. I am grateful to be able to provide my own honest and unbiased opinions.

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